Fim-Premec Modena. Lavorazioni Meccaniche di precisione

The FIM-PREMEC was created at the beginning of the year 2000 from the merger between FIM di Marverti and PRE MEC, both operating in the high precision mechanical market from decades. It has stand-out itself both for its great elasticity and dynamicity with a lot of improvements due to a constant process of research and development. These are the reasons of the success of FIM-PREMEC, which, thanks to the professionality of its staff, its know-how and its ability in managing highly advanced machineries, is able to meet customer’s needs from the project to the realization of mechanical manufactures, such as prototypes and moulds of any type. We are able to work any kind of STEEL, ALUMINIUM, TITANIUM, PLASTIC, BRASS, BRONZE and COPPER. Our technical office can receive 3D MODELS in several formats, CATIA V4-V5, IGES, and process it making use of CAD-CAM systems such as CIMATRON-E and HYPERMILL. Our customers mainly operate in the AUTOMOTIVE industry, particularly from COMPETITIONS ; but they are also from BIOMEDICAL MANUFACTURING, PACKAGING and GEAR MOTORS.